Daily College Makeup for Indian Weather

by - August 05, 2013

 It's really hot and humid up here in India and the make up, well, it doesn't last as long as the day. It really does suck, eh? I was never a "make-up" person to start with but I have noticed a lot of girls who wear make up on daily-biases in my college. Sometimes,I do, too wear make-up in college.  
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As I first said, I really am not a make-up person. I often just use BB Cream, concealer and powder. I don't use make-up on my eyes or my lips. Yeah, I am boring, I know. 

I know and own a LOT of make-up though. I know how to apply it and everything. Don't revoke my "girly" card just for not wearing make up.

Here are some tips (for Indian weather and Indian skin) :

Know your skin type
Your skin may be oily, dry or combination. It's important to know your skin type before purchasing any kind of make-up. There are several variants of  products available in the market that will suit your skin-type. 

Know your skin under-tone
Usually there are three kinds of skin under-tones; warm, cool and neutral. Determine what your under-tone is and use colours on your face that go best with your undertone.

Buy the right shade of Foundation and Concealer 
A common mistake that people in India make is that the buy make-up that is lighter than their skin tone. Why? Well, to appear "lighter" since people in India are obsessed with having "lighter skin". Don't do that. Your make up should blend with your skin, rather than be a layer. Look natural and pick the right shade.

Buy make-up that stays on
You are going to spend hours in college and if you want to avoid touching up every 10 minutes, buy make up that will last long. Don't buy things that will bleed out in a matter of hours. You are going to sweat, in college and bleeding make-up is the last thing you need. 
Invest in make-up that is nicer. 

Use a long-lasting eye-pencil
If you use eye-pencils, look for water-proof ones, for you will sweat, little girl. And it ain't pretty. 

Don't over-do it.
Look natural, beauty queen. Save the party-makeup for the evening. 

Are there any tips that you would want to share about make-up in India? Do you have any favourite brands? Let me know in the comments! 

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