Fresher's Party!

by - August 06, 2013

Well, my college had freshers party today! It was really boring, though :| It wasn't interactive at all, just a (not-so-well) put up show, featuring dances, songs and skits. It was entertaining, but I was in a very dull mood that day.

My morning was nice, I woke up and had hours to get ready. I decided to curl my hair, but the curls didn't last AT ALL. I ended up looking like a hungover Taylor Swift. I really didn't look really attractive.

The "show" was okay. Started with the song "Sparks Fly" which one of my pretty seniors sang. No one applauded, but me.  It was a shame, she had the lady-balls to actually go up on stage in front of 1000 people at least and no one bothered to acknowledge her performance. Sad.

There was a fashion show. They wanted to select a "Miss Fresher" and all the girls who participated were tall and skinny, the kind of skinny that isn't even attractive. I felt like feeding them something, looked as if they had starved themselves for a week or so for the show. I really don't get why India is obsessed with girls being "Slim, fair and tall" (that was the criteria that you had to fulfill to become Miss Fresher). Honestly? Indian women aren't really very tall, genetics.

I didn't audition for the Miss Fresher competition. But the miss fresher of our college is really pretty and, well, tall (obviously). The "party" ended quickly and everyone went to their homes. It was okay. Not the best.

How was your college's fresher's party? Did you enjoy it, or are you a grump like I am? Let me know in the comments!

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