Ideal College Diet!

by - August 04, 2013

It's not a secret that I'm a procrastinator. I am not proud of it. But, well, I'm tying to improve myself....or am I? 
There was this book that I once read that I swear by because it WAS effective in helping me manage my weight, but my laziness and love for food made me gain 12 kg in just one year! So, here I am, trying to improve myself and manage my weight.
Here is my ideal college diet and workout routine: 
8:00 AM   (Breakfast)  A nice and heavy breakfast that should include milk, bread, eggs, stuffed paranthas/ sandwiches/ chapati with sabzi, and water, of course! 
11:00 AM  (Snack time!) Just some healthy snacking. It can include fruits, a tasty salad, toast, paneer, nuts, etc. 
2:00 PM (Lunch) Smaller than the breakfast may include a wrap, sabzi with chapatis, a big salad, rice, etc. 
5:30 PM (Snack Time) It may include toast, eggs, potato wedges, 1/2 biscuits with tea, etc. 
8:00 PM (Supper) Smaller than the lunch, may include soup, fruit or cornflakes.

Ideal workout time per week: 7-8 hours. (That's a toughie) 
Reward for following the routine will be a froyo on Sunday! ^_^ 

What's your ideal diet plan? Leave comments! 

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