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by - August 03, 2013

Well, I'm one of those people who can't make friends easily. I don't like initiating conversations with strangers...I'm weird that way. I'm an introvert, and it's hard for us to make friends. It takes time and effort and I'm not a very social person. I'm no Sheldon Cooper, though! (TBBT Reference!) 

Everyone needs a friend, you can't be all by yourself and I guess friends are a necessity for college. Tell me if I am wrong? Here are some tips for introverts like myself to make friends: 

Be nice to people
Don't "shun" people out, rather be nice to them. If you find someone looking for help, help them. I found my close friend that way, she had been looking for a room that we were both supposed to go in, and she came to me looking all confused and asked me where that room was, and we both looked for it together, sat together and have been together ever since!

Please don't smile that "weird-pervert-uncle" smile. Yeah, that won't help one bit. Rather smile your real smile, even if you are nervous. You can practice that in a mirror at home.  

Introduce yourself
Sometimes, love, you HAVE to take the initiative. Don't presume that friends will fall from the trees! Take the initiative! Ask someone their name, smile and talk! A smile is welcoming, it makes the other person think that you're available to talk to and interested. Also, lean in when they're talking to you, makes you look attentive and more interested in whatever they're talking about. Non-verbal cues are important, too!

Don't change yourself to fit in 
I have often observed that people change themselves, their opinions, in front of others, to be socially desirable. Don't do that. Don't advertise something that you can't produce. Rather portray your true self. There may be several others who may share common interests with you. Talk about things you like and dislike, if you don't essentially agree with someone's point of view, make it verbal.
A classmate of mine was extremely homophobic, others agreed with her but I put my point across in a non-threatening way. I'm all for gays, I think that everyone gets one life and they should live it how they want to, they should love whoever they want it. It's a personal choice and a right.

Don't like the "cool" crowd? Don't approach them 
If the "it-girls" of your college are total bitches and you'd rather not socialize with them; don't. If you don't need useless drama in your life then just walk away. Don't try to get yourself into what you aren't comfortable with. 

Find someone you share interests with
Like watching scary movies? Playing the guitar? The keyboard? Or are you a social animal who LOVES partying and going out? Well, guess what? There is plenty of fish in the sea! ;) Find friends that have common interests.

Don't boast about yourself
People hate individuals who boast about themselves. Let the other person do the talking, too! Find their hobbies and interests out! So, you've gone to the nationals for football, just don't bring that up in every conversation, there are other people with interesting lives as well, you know.

Be friendly 
Don't glare at people who approach you. I know I'm someone who does that, since I'm not social at all, smile, girl!

That's my advise to you, lovelies! Were these pointers helpful to you? Leave comments!

For the ULTIMATE college experience you need to make friends, but, well, it's more important to choose your friends wisely, rather than trying to fit in with the "cool" crowd. NEVER change for friends, and I feel that if you feel...weird..and different at times, that's a good thing, BECAUSE YOU ARE UNIQUE!

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