What Not To Do On Your First Day In College

by - August 01, 2013

If you find yourself reading this, it means that you are about to "start your new life". Gone are the days when you went to boring school. You are in college now! And, perhaps a little nervous about your first day. You are going to meet new people soon and make friends that may/may not be with you for a lifetime. Yes, college is a big deal.
I learnt it the hard way and made a few mistakes! :( Well, it's your first day! You are allowed to make a few mistakes. Not a big deal. 
"Just take a deep breath and walk through the door..." 

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As promised, here are a few tips for you turtle-doves who probably are nervous wrecks!

  • Get your schedule beforehand

    You need to be in all your classes on the first day, rather than waiting around in a goddamn line on your first day in college. You need to socializing, smiling and making small-talk. I spent my 3 lectures standing in a line to get my schedule, which I was supposed to get a day before. Yes, I literally showed up in college unprepared.
  • Make a good first impression

    Well, don't talk while your professor is talking. Just. Don't. It makes them think that you are disrespecting them. How would you feel when you are in their shoes? 
    My professor and I are on good terms, now. But just don't talk. It's common sense, and I lack it.

  • Do some "home-work" 

    So that you can make a good impression on your professors. You can trick your professors into thinking you are brainy, when you really are not. Just print your syllabi out from the University's website and just study the topics in brief, so that you aren't clueless.
    Usually the professors don't really teach on the first day, but just read a little, just in case and be prepared if they ask you questions about the subject.
    A girl in my Psychology class was asked why she took the subject and her answer was that she wanted to learn how to read palms.

  • Don't be weird and rude 

    Well, I am weird. I would  advice you to turn your weird off for the day and make new friends! Your weirdness can resurface after a couple of days. Be polite, smile and make small talk. Don't boast about yourself while introducing yourself, don't be rude when someone is being nice to you.
    A girl in my class was very rude while talking to me. I really don't like her much now. You should be nice to people who are making the effort and being nice to you. I'm an introvert and we usually don't like socializing with new people. Please, think about the other person as well. 
  • Don't bunk on the first week

    The professors don't really like that. The "fun" can wait until later, first you need to settle in your college routine. I bunked the second day of my college (since my college started on a Friday) to see my boyfriend. I don't regret that at all, he's my first priority. He had come all the way to see me, and we were in a LDR back then, an LDR that thankfully only lasted a week.
    I regularly bunk classes every week to see him still, even though we are in the same city. But I'd advice you to not bunk any classes in the first week.

I hope you have a great first day in college. What tips do you want to share? Do comment! 

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