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by - November 26, 2013

Hey guys!
My exams are starting in December and fully prepared is the last thing I am. I had promised myself that I would revise everything that was being taught in class every day, but who was I kidding?
Almost all of us do this, procrastinate, and I guess that we are wired that way, “Oh god! I still have tomorrow, let’s enjoy today”. We all know that’s not gonna work, is it? 

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So, for those who are just like I am, waking up from their slumbers to realize that there’s too much syllabi and too little time, well, here are some tips that WILL make you score good.

1.       Know your syllabus
You should know what’s being done in class, what all topics come under one unit and how many units are there in your course.
I actually got all the prescribed syllabus printed and bound and I carry it with me everyday so that I can actually visualize what all is left.

2.       Divide your syllabus
Now that you know what all is coming in your exams, divide you syllabus among the days left for your exams to start, so that you would be revising small topics everyday rather than whole units together. This will help defragment your syllabi and the work load upon you will reduce considerably.

3.       Take breaks
Take breaks during study sessions. Study a topic for 50 minutes with your full concentration and then take a 10 minute break! But don’t text or play games in that break, rather do something that soothes you. Listen to music, if you like, or play the guitar (I do that). Don’t do something stressful and relax. After the 10 minute break, hit the books again!

4.       Mix and Match
Don’t study one topic for too long. Mix it up a little. Spend an hour on one topic and then, do something unrelated to it.

5.       Make colourful flow-charts
If there are several classifications that you need to learn, then the best way to do that is via making flowcharts. It’s simple and a very effective learning technique. And also, is great for revision. You just need to glance at it on the day of the examination and you are good to go!

6.       Use mnemonic devices
If there are too many points to be learnt, make fun new mnemonics to memorize them.
Such as, if you need to remember the strings of the guitar than this mnemonic can be used: Every Adult Dog Growls Barks Eats.

7.       Sleep
Most of my friends pull an all-nighter during exams and end up scoring less. You NEED sleep for 8 hours to retain all that you’ve learnt. Sleep is essential for you to actually be able to learn well. A healthy brain can learn faster, and thus you score better.

8.       Eat well and exercise
Physical activity can actually increase your learning capabilities. They refresh your brain and you can concentrate better on your exams.
You need to eat ad food is the fuel for your body. Also, drink plenty of fluids! Remember that brain is approximately 75% water!

These are the things that I do to score well on my tests. How do you prepare for your exams? Leave comments!

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  1. This is true ooh, sometimes we just read too much for long hours and stress our brain and on the exam day, we can't really remember. This is really helpful. Thanx for sharing, p.s i'm having a professional exam in January, i'll definitely use this tips.
    Good to meet you,its my first time on your blog.

    1. All the best fir your exams, friend! :)
      I have an exam the day after!:O


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