by - November 18, 2013

Oh god!
I didn't even realize how long it's been since I last wrote a post! But I'm back with a bang!
I have a LOT of ideas, well, actually review-wise! I have recently gotten various product samples and I will write reviews on them.
December is coming up so gear up for a lot of college-related posts for exams and academic stuff.
I have recently started (again) learning to play the keyboard. I will teach myself  how to play it! I have recently started introducing my second hand on the board. Let's see how it goes, eh!
Apart from that, i am currently reading The Scarlet Letter. A book review can be expected by the end of the week.
I am going to blog more from now on.
Hey! the iPhone 5s launched! I am lusting after the Gold variant! I wants!
Till I next blog

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