EXAM STRESS RELIEVER: Singing away your troubles

by - December 06, 2013

So, my exams are coming up and I am under a lot of stress (yes, yes, eustress.) I have too much to do and too little time to do it. On top of it, I have back-to-back exams! So, I am in dire need of stress busters, and personally, music is the best and the most effective one for me. 

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I love music, I always have. I love singing along songs that I can relate to, and over the years it has become something that I can relieve my stress with. The joy that one gets from listening to good music and singing alone with it is pure. In an instant your stress goes away for a moment. Yes, some smarty-pants might say that it's a defense mechanism that we use, but hey! It works.

What kind of stress busters do you use? Leave comments! -

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