HOW TO: Write Love Letters

by - December 11, 2013

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I get really annoyed when people (usually girls) ask me how to write love letters. I get why they ask me, since I have been in a relationship for a longer duration than they do, they beg me for tips, for cheesy lines to use for their boyfriends. I go and rant about all of that to my boyfriend, and we end up having a good laugh.

I have never in my life, asked anyone to give me tips to write love letters; I have always enjoyed writing anyway and, while writing “love” letters, I just go with it! I write all that comes to my mind, all those things that I want to say to him, all those feelings that I feel for him, are all written down and presented to him.

 So here are some tips for the people who keep asking their friends to help them write love letters:

1.      Close your eyes and visualize the person you love standing right in front of you
What do you feel? Are there butterflies in your tummies? Are you grinning? What do you feel when you see them? Does it feel like a dream or sweet reality?

2.      Write things you want to convey to them
Are there things that you want to tell him? What all do you want to say? Write it all down.

3.      Don’t force it
If you write something that you don’t feel or is forced, it can easily be detected. Are you in love with the person? If not, but you just like them/ care for them, write that instead of writing “I love you”. You will get there when you get there.

4.      Don’t Google it
A love letter, according to me, should be unique and meaningful. It should be all original. Googl-ing it makes it impersonal and that’s not what you want. Write it from your heart instead. Don’t use fancy quotes that are meaningless to you, make some up instead!

5.      Don’t write it just for the sake of it
Don’t write a love letter just because your lover wrote it and you MUST reply. No. Write it only if you want to. There is no compulsion, otherwise.

What would your tips be to someone newly in a relationship asking for love-letter tips? Leave comments!

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  1. This was really helpful, i such at writing love letters. well any letters really aha

    1. Ha ha ha, so did I xD until I realized that it needed to come from the heart!

  2. Great post !! xx


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