My Experiment With Water!

by - December 01, 2013

I recently read an article about a woman who had started drinking 3 liters of water a day, everyday for a month and had gotten really shocking results- she was able to shed a few extra pounds, get one inch off her waistline, she looked 10 years younger and she was more active than before. I HAD to try this out, too. So, that is what I did, I drank 3 liters of water a day, everyday for a month and the results were astonishing! 
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I am the kind of person who really does not drink a lot of water, so much that I actually had a stone in my kidney! I usually drank about 1 tiny glass of water a day, but I did drink a lot of coffee and tea on any given day.


I started off with drinking 1 liter of water in the morning alone. It was A LOT for my body to handle. I had to use the bathroom after every 45 minutes for the next 6 hours! This continued till the end of the week. A pain in the ass? Yes, it was.
I used to drink the next 2 liters of water post 4 pm and before 7 pm. So, buy 7 pm, my daily quota of water is complete.
I started feeling a little more active than before, and I was able to concentrate better on my studies.

My need to use the bathroom started decreasing. I was able to sustain more liquid for a longer time. Perhaps my bladder was getting used to me drinking more water.
I noticed that I had no new acne on my face, just old ones. My acne spots had also reduced considerably. The prominent ones had started getting lighter.
I started having the energy to walk more. I usually can't walk much without tiring myself out, my I could now, actually walk more!
My physical activity, thus, increased.

By the third week, my will to eat junk food was subdued, guess my body was misinterpreting thirst for hunger, or perhaps, I was feeling "full" thanks to the water. In any case, the unhealthy snacks that I used to feed on had decreased considerably and I was craving healthy foods, like peanuts and pineapple rather than pizzas and burgers.
My pimples were almost gone and I noticed that my hair were shinier than before. Also, they started getting oilier than before making a second head bath between the week a necessity.
My physical activity had increased a lot, since I walked home 4 days out of 6.


By the fourth week, my bladder could retain the water for a longer duration. Because of the water, I was able to sleep better and the dark circles under my eyes were almost gone.
My hair texture changed a little, making my hair more manageable. My junk food intake was really low. I was craving fruits and salads rather than softies and tikkis.
I had "upgraded" to drinking 4 liters of water, because I had started feeling more thirsty.
I also, lost a kilo! Yes! It happened!


Will I continue drinking 3 liters of water a day everyday?Yes, I will. I feel better, way better than I used to. I am more active, more "awake". I feel really good about myself and my body.
Drinking water can do wonders for your body. Don't believe me? Try it yourself!

Will you try this experiment too? Do you think it's worth it? Leave comments...

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  1. Water works lotsa wonders, this has definitely motivated me to keep drinking

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