Staying Organized During Exams!

by - December 09, 2013

Organization is really important and I love to organize stuff. But, during exam time, I need to be organized in order to work effectively. For me, organizing my studies is very important, and it helps me score well and know what all are the areas I need to work on. Here are some of my tips that may help you, lovelies!

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Schedule your timings
Manage your time well. It’s very important for you to manage your time during exams, since there is too much syllabus and too little time, time management is necessary.

Manage your syllabus
Allot time to your pending syllabus as per your study schedule. Mix and match the syllabus, too. Is something you are studying in Psychology 101 related to what you are studying in Sociology 101?  Study one after the other; it will make your life easier!

Check out old examination papers
I buy 10-year papers every year, just to know which topic is important. This can help you in predicting what may come in the exam, too.
Caution: Syllabus changes over-time and 10 years is a pretty long period.

Keeps snacks around
When you are “in the zone” you may forget to eat; I do that, a lot. So keep healthy snacks, such as yoghurt, an apple, peanuts, pistachio nuts or a bar of black chocolate around to snack on.

Keep water around
Water helps in more than one way. It refreshes your mind and helps you concentrate on your work!

Follow your schedule
I won’t blame you if you don’t follow the schedule you created; I’ve done that a lot. Anyway, try and stick to your schedule and it WILL help you!

Do you like organizing? How do you organize your studies? Leave comments!

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  1. Great advice! I have exams soon and I'll be sure to use the advice :D

    1. Haha! :) I have my exam tomorrow!

      Thanks for commenting, friend! :)


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