Staying Positive

by - December 04, 2013

Life is full of sorrow and misery and the Buddhists believe that to over come sorrow and misery, we must kill our desires, the desires that fuel the sorrow. I don't believe that. I respect and practice the preaching of Buddhism, but I think that killing desire will not actually motivate us, rather, having no desire can be a symptom of depression. I think we should channel our energy in a positive way to achieving a certain goal we might have. 

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I am a big fan of "The Secret" and I am a true believer, for if we really want something and we channelize all our thoughts to it, we do get it. Staying positive and happy helps up lead a good, comfortable life. There is a lot of sorrow in this world, but positive thinking teaches us that if we fall, we need to stand up, dust ourselves up and continue on.

I think failures pave the path for success, they motivate us to do better, to be better at what we do, do achieve something. I think everyone needs to have goals, no matter how insignificant those goals might be. Every morning when we wake up, we should visualize how happy we would be when we achieve that goal, and use that positivity throughout the day. Happy thoughts foster new ideas, new ways and new techniques. If you've hit your rock bottom, smile, for you know that that's what it is; a rock bottom. You can't get any lower than that, you can just go "up".

Dream big, aim big and you will get all that you want, all that you need. I know it's a really philosophical post, really cheesy and all that, but it's true. There are a lot of people in this world who need to realize the power of staying positive.

Don't confuse being positive for not taking stress. You need to be stressed sometimes to achieve goals, this kind of stress is call eustress. Its a positive kind of stress, an agency of motivation, but don't let eustress turn into distress! Don't over-think, over-analyze. Sometimes you need to take it easy, you need to just go with it!
Are you a positive person or do you consider yourself to be a pessimist? Leave comments! 

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