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by - December 02, 2013

Every girl in this world would want one common thing: Clear skin. I, to am no exception. Since childhood we have been raised to aspire to be "beautiful" and having clear skin is a major part of that. I experiment on myself a lot more than I would care to admit. Here are some things that I have tried on myself and have gotten results. 
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. Change your diet
Do you eat a lot on unhealthy food? Stop it right now. I stopped eating chips, burgers and pizzas for a month and guess what? I had minimal breakouts!

. Drink lots of water
If you haven't read my post about how drinking water can actually help you, you can check it out here. Drinking water actually helps in clearing your skin up. I had starting drinking 3 liters of water a day, everyday for 8 week, and yes, my skin got clear! Can you believe it? Try it out for yourself!

. Wash your face twice a day
You need at least to wash your face twice a day everyday. It depends upon your skin type too. If you need to wash it more, do it. It cleanses out all the oil and grime on your face. I wash my face in the morning, afternoon and night everyday.

. Apply Moisturizer
Apply moisturizer for your skin gets stripped off its natural oils when you wash your face, compelling it to produce more oils and hence, you get acne.

. Clean your make-up brushes regularly
If you use make-up everyday, sanitize your brushes every week, because it can become the home of acne-causing bacteria.

. Apply less make-up
Apply make-up when necessary. Don't over-do it, because your skin gets irritated and thus, pimples are the result of a clogged pore.

. Exercise at least 20 minutes a day
Working out has a lot of advantages. Get your lazy ass off the couch and give me ten, sailor! No pain, no gain. 

. Don't irritate your acne

Don't touch the acne-affected area on your skin, because it will aggravate the acne and you will get more of it.

. Don't pop pimples
Popping pimples can leave acne scars. So, what would you rather? A tiny zit for a few days or a scar for a lifetime. The choice is yours!

. Exfoliate once a week
Exfoliating will decrease the likelihood of new pimples showing up whilst removing the dead skin cells along with the acne scars.

. Sleep
You don't know how effective sleep is in actually helping you to achieve your goals. Sleep 8 hours a day and see the results that you will get.

. Tie your hair up
If you wear your hair down,  try tying them up for a few days. Your hair attract dust that will result in pimples. Just try it!

. Change your pillowcases once a week
You may not realize it but your pillow case gets contaminated by bacteria every night when you sleep on it. It usually is advised that you wash it once a week.

. Don't touch your face
Don't keep touching your face and irritating your skin. Your hands are dirtier than you'd think, so keep 'em off of your face.

. Don't let your bangs down
Keep the pinned up for a few days.

. Stay away from soap
Soap strips your skin of moisture. Try using a gentle face wash instead.

. Minimize sun exposure
Sun does a lot more damage than you think. Stay away from the sun for a few and see results.

. Use multani-mitti face pack
I personally love multani mitti face packs. They really do work for me.

. Apply aloe-vera
Aloe-vera should be the to-go treatment for pimples. Try applying it's gel on the pimples. It works like a charm, always!

. Sanitize your phone
Your phone is touched my your dirty hands. Think of all the dirt when you pick a call.

. Don't drink coffee
Caffeine does more harm than good, it's smarter to stay away from it.

. Strip off make-up before bed
Always wash your face before going to sleep.

Did these tips help you? Want to add some more effective methods? Leave comments...

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