Valentine's Day OOTD: Look 2

by - February 13, 2014

My boyfriend had said a few months ago that I wouldn't be able to update my blog often because of all the work that I would have to do for college. He was right, he is always right. I haven't posted in DAYS! Can I please blame college? 
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It's 13th Feb where I live (kiss day) and my boyfriend and I celebrated Valentine's day today. Valentine's day in India is kind of taboo, at least in my city. My generation celebrates it, but it's usually the older generations have a problem with the day, I guess.
I am in LOVE with the dress it maybe something that aunties would frown upon, but I would totally wear this!
What are your plans for Valentine's day? Do you like this look? Leave comments...

PS: We have a holiday tomorrow! :D 

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