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by - March 13, 2014

This post is way too late, and I apologize to the lovely blogger Isobel Hayes from the blog Isobelxhayes who had tagged me to do this on February 6th 2014. 
The truth is that I schedule my posts and due to exams, I have had no time at all to write this one. I'm so sorry for being late but, better late than never, right? 

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What makes you want to blog? 
I have had many blogs over the years just because I had loved writing. As a tweenager, I used to writ about Hannah Montana (yes, I used to be a Miley Cyrus fan-girl) and High School Musical. But now that I have grown up, I started my blog as a hobby, a way of expressing my views to the worls via the internet and now I love having my little girly space on the internet!

Your morning skin routine?
I am a very lazy person so, I don't have a set routine. I usually wash my face and pop my lenses in and that's just about it. Oh! And I brush my teeth! That's one thing I do every day except for the days when I'm sick.

Your favourite blogger? 
I've been blogging consistently for the past 3-4 months and I've come across some lovely blogs. I really like Darcy from A Memory of Us, Kim from A Very Sweet Blog, Rena from Dressed With Soul and Coco from Coco et La vie en Rose
There are a lot many other bloggers I love as well!

A beauty product you can't live without? 
Baby Lips from Maybelline! 

Your favourite drugstore makeup brand? 
I am not really allowed to use make up on my face and so, I don't wear make up. But I really like Maybelline and Lakme. 

Your favourite high-end make up brand?
I don't have any. Not a make-up person...

What is your staple wardrobe item? 
Jeans! I always wear jeans!

Here are the blogs that I've tagged! I hope you enjoy writing this post!
Which brand is YOUR favourite when it comes to make up? Leave comments!
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  1. this was a great post... got to know u a bit

  2. What a wonderful post, you are so right... really enjoyed reading it, and the picture with the glitter is such a lovely eyecatcher Maybe you want to follow each other?! That would be lovely♥

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  4. What a fabulous Q&A! You've been blogging for awhile! I think that is awesome. When I discovered the WORLD of blogging a couple of years ago I thought it was absolutely magical. I've learned so much! You don't know how you've made me feel tonight. To be listed as one of your favorite bloggers is truly an honor. THANK YOU!!! To touch and impress someone always makes me feel good. I didn't even know I was. This is so awesome. I live in jeans too girl! I truly believe they were the best invention. LOL

    1. I have following your blog for a while now and it is the SWEETEST AND THE CUTEST ever! I always look forward to your posts and your blog inspires me!
      I hope you have a great weekend, Kim! :)

  5. great great i really love it
    Do you want to follow each other on instagram? I'm @chicstreetchoc! Thank uuu

  6. Such a beautiful post. ;-)
    Lovely greets, wish you a nice weekend...

  7. Great post - thanks for tagging me! I will get writing it now! :)

  8. This is such a cool tag! I love blogging too! :)


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