Fall 2015 Outfit Idea

by - September 26, 2015

Its been exactly 25 days since I last updated my blog and I feel so guilty about that. Summer is officially gone and I feel sad since I had to part away from my beloved summer dresses, shorts and skirts until next year. I am a Summer girl, I feel active, energized and fresh during Summers and gloomy, lazy and sad during winters. 

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I put together this cute outfit idea for college-goers and I actually love this look. This is something I would wear so much! I really love combining shirts with tank tops because fall where I live is unpredictable. Some days are way too hot and the others are way too chilly and I feel that carrying/wearing a shirt over a tank is the best solution to it all, and you can never go wrong with a pair of old blue faded jeans..I swear, I own so many pairs of faded blue jeans that I've had people actually come up to me to ask why I wear the same pair of jeans over and over again!
Coming to the accessories that I picked out, I love the Batman iPhone case because, I love batman--who doesn't, right!? And the Batman hand bands are so cool! I should say this, 9 gag and the internet is the major source of my fashion inspiration! I'm very much into cat-eyed glasses these days and I like the ones I picked out and I feel that they go really well with the outfit that I picked out. I also love the watch and the bag that I picked out.

what's your casual outfit for Fall/winter? Leave comments...

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