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by - September 01, 2015

Today is the first of September and I've made a promise with myself for this month; to try and be fit. I'm the kind of person who basically sucks at keeping promises. In the past few kings, I've noticed that I've been getting sick a lot and that I'm getting bigger. This is going to be a 'dear diary' post.

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I'm the kind of person who eats a lot of unhealthy foods that she shouldn't be. The thing is that I leave for college at 8:30 am and I come back around 7, there's a huge time gap and I usually end up eating fast food. I hate the fact that fast food is more accessible and cheap than healthy food is.

I feel that in college I've been addicted to Nescafe frappe, which is basically cold coffee and it tastes so good! I'm sure I spend majority of my pocket money on it. I have about 2 cups approximately everyday and I still crave more, believe me, I'm craving it while I'm typing this. Its just so f-ing good!

I've stopped drinking water, I hardly drink 2-3 cups daily, and I'm supposed to be driving about 2 liters everyday day. I'm basically dehydrated and I don't even care about it, which is sad. Speaking of dehydration,  I've finally discovered beer. I'm pretty sure if I keep drinking at the rate I do, I'd get a beer belly in no time. 
Oh, beer, why do you have to be so good? 

I've been eating a lot of street food a LOT and it's going straight to my legs, tummy and arms, I'm about 55 kg and at 5'2" it's bad. I need to lose at least 5 kg according to what my doctor says.
I've decided to cut, (maybe try to) coffee, beer and street food as much as I can. There are solutions out there, you know. I will supplement frappe for lemonade which is cheaper and more refreshing, buy fruits instead of burgers and drink add much water as I can.

I've decided to walk at least 10k steps per day-I used to do that back in March, I can do that now. I feel that the exams always f -up my schedule and it takes me months to get back on it again. 
You must be wondering why I'm writing a post about it, the thing is, that I feel that I'm more likely to keep my promise by writing and publishing about out than I would of it were to myself. I know it's hard, but I need to start working on myself and my body again. 

I've decided to get my sleeping back on track and wake up at 6:00 AM every morning and work out! I won't join a gym, I know myself and I know even if I spend money on a gym subscription, I won't go; so there's no use. I'll keep you updated on my fitness journey, and definitely write a post about my progress next month.

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  1. I hope u succeed in ur endeavours. Wishing u luck and a fit and healthy life.
    New Post on my blog, do drop by soon ,<3

  2. Well I like the fact you have a plan. You know where the problems are and they are easily fixable. You can have anything in moderation! The important thing is to exercise. That always helps.


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