January Fitness Update

by - February 03, 2016

since its a new year, I've decided to do a monthly fitness update on my blog to monitor my progress and to help motivate all of you to get fitter in 2016. I hope you enjoy this post!

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Current Weight: 55kgs
Goal Weight for February: 52 kgs

I'm 5'2" tall so, according to my doctor I should weigh around 45-55kgs, but the problem with me is that I have a LOT of  fat that I need to lose, and a lot of muscle that I need to gain. Let's start from the beginning. When I was born, I was an underweight child, and I have been underweight all my life, until 2011 when I gained 10kg in a span of one year because I had started eating a lot of junk food which didn't give me the nutrition that I needed, but just made me bigger. My waist used to be 24" and it suddenly became 28", I previously used to fit in "small" and I suddenly became a "medium".

For January, I practised as much self-control as I could have. I avoided eating out, cooked my own food whenever I could, tried healthy recipes and alternatives for the junk food that I liked but it didn't go as planned, I ended up eating out with one of my friends almost everyday and soon I realized that cutting out junk food from my diet was out of the question. I will now avoid junk food in February and try to eat as much homemade food as I can.

As for working out, I didn't really have much progress in this month. I always feel very inactive in the winter months. I did go for walks in this month but consistency is key and I lack just that. In February I will try to be as active as I can be but I won't join any gyms just yet.

What do you do to stay fit? Leave comments!

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