REVIEW: Biotique Bio Clove Purifying Anti Blemish Face Pack

by - February 15, 2016

One day I went to a cosmetics shop distressed about the recent breakouts on my face. Now, I've struggled with acne since 5th standard, the moment puberty hit me, hard on my face. I've had acne for years and now, I have huge pimples on my face towards the end of my cycle which is always irritating, but I can take a pimple for a week, but the tiny pink blemishes on my skin after the pimple is gone are a cause of concern for me. 

Price: 199/- for 75 grams in 2016

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I was recommended the Biotique Bio Clove Purifying Anti Blemish Face pack by the very nice lady at the store and now, it's an essential item in my beauty routine. I've always been a fan of the company Biotique and its Ayurvedic products which are a 100% sourced from botanical extracts. All products from this company are free from preservatives and are not tested on animals. I love cruelty-free beauty products.

The packaging of the Bio Clove Purifying Anti Blemish Face Pack is very standard and simple, all of the products of this company. It has a green screw lid and a white jar, something that I really am not a big fan of, but it's fine. When you open the lid, there is a white 'barrier' which you need to lift up to get to the product, which is a good thing as it avoids leaks and keeps the air out.

The face pack is cream in colour and has a strong aroma. It smells like cloves and other spices, which is a scent that I like. The consistency of the pack is a little thin but the mask applies beautifully and easily on the face and dries up quickly as well. when I apply this face pack on my skin, I feel warm, mainly because it contains clove, which is supposed to be warm and the sensation makes me feel that it's working the way it is supposed to.

This pack is amazing for people who have extremely oily and pimple-prone skin. I use this face pack about once a week and I have noticed that my skin has become cleaner and clearer. Acne scars are something that I am suffering from, and with regular use of this products I have felt that my acne and my scars have reduced noticeably, along with the blemishes on my skin. I recommend this product to every girl who is dealing with acne-prone skin or has oily skin. This is a product that has worked for me very well.


  1. Ayurvedic recipe
  2. 100% botanical extracts
  3. Works well
  4. Great for people with pimple prone skin
  5. Smells amazing
  1. Unattractive packaging
  2. Can irritate skin for people that have sensitive skin.
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  1. I have tried Biotique Shampoo, toner and love it. I want to give this a try, since toner does wonders on the skin, I am sure this will work well too. Lovely review :)

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    1. This is amazing, Swathi, I think you should try it!

  2. i ahve sensitive skin so i might give it a skip...nice and detailed review :)

    1. You should give this a try, its one of my favourite products


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