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YourBox India is a monthly subscription box which provides you with a complete outfit. It is based in Delhi and comes in two variants; YourBox Regular and YourBox Mini. I ordered the YourBox regular and read on to know more...

I really liked the concept of YourBox, getting a complete outfit every month is cool, right!? I ordered the YourBox Regular on the 3rd of December and got it on the 23rd, which is early considering that they start shipping after the 20th of every month.

Yourbox is available in two variants:

  • YourBox Regular
    It costs  ₹ 1499/- (plus shipping) and provides you with a complete outfit. You get six items in this box:
    a. Clothing Item. 

    b. Footwear/Handbag. 

    c. Wardrobe Staple. 

    d. Statement Jewellery. 

    e. Fun Stuff. 

    f. Gourmet Product.
  • YourBox Mini
    It costs 
     899/- (plus shipping) and provides you with three items:
    a. Clothing Item.
    b. Statement Jewellery. 
    c. Candies or Chocolates

To order this box, you need to fill out a questionnaire which consists of 10 questions and choose your answers based on your personal preferences. I think that a more comprehensive list of questions is required to actually know about the style and preferences of the person. These 10 questions do not delve very deep into the buyer's personality. I feel that they should also ask the height of the customer and their complexion, because it actually is an issue when you're selecting an outfit and not all colours suit on all complexions. 

The box that arrived was very simple, just like a standard shoe box. It had a pastel green lid with white polka dots and the base was white in colour. I had done a lot of research on the box and had gone through a lot of unboxings and so I was disappointed to see the rather simple box. 

I ordered the YourBox in the Regular variant and I got the following products: 
a. A Top and a Shirt
b. A Blue Fringed Sling Bag
c. A watch
d. A choker necklace
e. A Pink Lipstick
f. A bag of candy 

I asked for chocolates, but I don't mind candy, wither.

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of this box. I don't really wear the kind of things that they sent me, the things that I (kind-of) liked were the Blue Fringed Sling Bag, the Choker Necklace and the Candy. I really think that they should work on improving their website first and adding a few more questions to their questionnaire to know their customer better, maybe ask for some photographs for reference! I really think that they should have a better tracking system for tracking the orders and keep it updated, I have recieved my order and the status on their website still says that my order is yet to be shipped. I think that they should email the tracking ID of the courier service that they use to the customer after shipping the box. 

 I did not find the design of the box very appealing, but the packing of the contents inside the box was very professional and nice. From the unboxings that I saw on YouTube, the packing was a different story. They apparently used to ship items in smaller boxes inside the box, but it seems like they have discontinued that. 

I really feel like the YourBox India team has given up. I had watched a number of unboxings and reviews on YouTube before making the purchase. The outfits were styled tastefully, the boxes were packed nicely and carefully but in December 2015, I think that they were just done with it. 

  • You get an entire outfit for 1499
  • Easy way to get more style in your life
  • Nice concept

  • No update about your shipping status
  • Does not answer your emails 
  • Does not maintain social media profiles 
  • Does not have nice and cute packaging
  • Needs a more comprehensive questionnaire
  • Needs better customer service
  • Cheap quality of clothes and accessories
Have you ever tried this box? How was your experience? Leave comments...

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  1. This box is not for me. I would rather buy one quality thing I like worth 1.5K . I liked your post :)

    US Drugstore Makeup Haul | Curious And Confused Me

  2. It's a great idea to get a surprise box every month :-) Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW FASHION POST

  3. I was planning to subscribe for it and hence i landed here..now i have changed my mind :)


    1. I am glad you did, you can try the box friend instead, they are actually good.

  4. How many days does it take to come because they havent sent any info to me...and can you provide me wiyh their contact no. Pleasw

    1. I don't have their contact info and am really disappointed at their service.

  5. How many days does it take to come because they havent sent any info to me...and can you provide me wiyh their contact no. Pleasw

  6. They are fraud don't subscribe..I subscribed last month no reply no box money lost completely

    1. I didn't realise that they stopped completely. That's extremely unprofessional. I'm so sorry

  7. Same thing happened to me.i ordered on 1st may.no response.money lost and dey are not even replying.fraud site.

  8. I ordered in march ,still dint get the box.

    My doubt is no one even reviewed boxes from march.

    Did they stop completely?

    really frustated!!

  9. I ordered in April and even now in August I havent received my order and my money is lost. Fraud site, no response to my innumerable messages and emails.


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