Valentine's day Gift Ideas for Her

by - February 01, 2016

So, Valentine's Day is just around the corner and you have NO idea about what to get for her. Maybe you're inexperienced, maybe you've done this a lot of times and are still confused about what you should get for her, in any case, worry not! I'm here to help you figure this out.

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A Monthly Subscription Box

Monthly subscription boxes are something that I am in love with, there are a number of food, fashion and beauty subscription boxes available in India available in subscriptions for one month, 3 months, 6 months and a year.
I personally think that a monthly subscription box would make an amazing Valentine's day gift for your girl because they have 3-4 amazing items and don't cost much!
I have compiled a list of Beauty boxes under 800, beauty boxes over 800 and fashion and accessory boxes.
My favourite is the My Style Mile Box which costs 495 per month.


You can never go wrong with chocolates, they always work! Unless, of course your girl is allergic, then abort mission!
You can get a variety of chocolates - home-made, white chocolate, flavoured chocolate, a variety pack. You can also look for recipes online and make some for your girl to show her how much you love her.
You can also do a lot of naughty things with melted chocolate ;)
My personal favourite is strawberries dipped in chocolate..


I know that the price of roses sky-rockets during Valentine's and there's no point in buying them on the day for 200% of its original price, but trust me, as logical as your girl might be she would love that cliche on Valentine's. Just don't go way too over-board :P

A Teddy Bear

Another cliche, I know, but I love teddy bears, especially the small pocket-sized ones and I think that your girl might, too. After all, it's Valentine's! Just buy the goddamn teddy bear!

A Copy of Her Favourite Book

This is for the guys who are dating bookworms like myself. Buy her a limited or rare edition of a copy of her favourite book and write down a beautiful quote or message for her on the inside. This is a very thoughtful gift and something a bookworm would love.
This isn't a useless gift since everyone loves re-reading a book that they like, re-watching a movie they have loved, etc.

A Homemade Meal

"The way to a man's person's heart is by his their stomach." I am a big time foodie, every one is. No one hates food, you literally cannot survive without it!
Cook your girl a nice meal of her favourite foods, this will be a great and thoughtful gift for her. It's not some bauble that you'd buy for her, but something that she will remember all her life.

Gift Card to her Favourite Store

If you're with the kind of girl who's choosy about what she wears and you aren't entirely sure if she's like something that you buy her, get her a gift card from her favourite store and go shopping with her so that she can buy the things that she likes, and of the right size!

Scented Candles

For me, scented candles are bae. I am obsessed with them and I burn them all the time. They are available in so many scents like cinnamon, apple, cherry, berries, lemongrass, ocean, etc. and they are just amazing!
I feel that scented candles are something that everyone should have, regardless of your gender. Who doesn't want their room smelling like heaven at all times!?
They also help set the mood in the bedroom or a in romantic dinner ;)

Now these are generic gifts that any girl would probably like, but you need to keep your girl's personality in mind in order to buy her the perfect gift for Valentine's. Now keep in mind that a gift is just a materialistic thing, Valentine's day is all about love and I think that you should show her that love by your actions. I totally recommend that you make something for your girl, and I'm sure that she'd cherish your hand-made gift forever. Have a nice (and safe) valentine's!

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  1. Such great ideas for the guys :) I would love if someone got me a subscription box :P


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