5 Absolutely Wonderful Valentine's Day Gifts She'll Love

by - January 24, 2017

     Valentine's day is around the corner and I know how hard shopping for a girl can be. Even if you've known each-other for a couple of months or have been together for years, you just don't know what she would like!

      Don't panic! I have put together a list of great Valentine's day present ideas that you can choose from. I've also linked everything in case you like it and think its something that your girl will be interested in. 

      Let's jump in!!

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        1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera

You must have watched the “Closer” Music Video by The Chainsmokers, right? They used a Polaroid camera and I don't know about you but I loved it!

A Poloroid camera can make a nice gift for your girl, especially if she loves taking photographs! Also, Polaroid cameras are "in" these days. I'm sure she'd appreciate you getting one for her. 

According to me, this is the cutest camera and I'm planning on buying on for myself soon. It is available in many different colour like black, raspberry, yellow, etc. but I personally like the baby pink one.

2. Timex Analog Watch

I personally like this watch a lot, and your girlfriend will, too. It has a really soft and nice pink colour which will go with a lot of outfits, it simple, chic and not very expensive. 

The packaging is also very nice. You can wrap this up with a ribbon, get her a box of chocolates and flowers and viola! That's how you make her day!

Also, she won't be late for your dates!! 😂😂

3. Apple iPod Shuffle

I own an iPod and I can tell you that I use it everyday. Its compact, cute and I carry it everywhere I go. I think it can make a perfect 'small gift; for Valentine's especially if your girlfriend is a music lover. You can also get it engraved with a personal message for your beloved.

Amazon linkApple iPod Shuffle 2GB - Silver

4. Accessorize Clutch
Most girls love accessories! This beautiful clutch can go with a lot of her outfits and she'll have you in mind whenever she looks at this clutch. I really love the colour of this clutch and I feel that your girl will like it, too.
Its something that she wear out and it'll last her a longer time than clothes would. I feel that this one could be a good idea for a Valentine's Day gift.

Find it on Amazon : Accessorize Women's Clutch (Nude)

On to the last one....

5. Vorra Heart-Shaped Pendant
What's Valentine's Day without heart-shaped stuff, am I right!? so, the last thing on my list is this really cute hear-shaped pendant so that she can have you close to her heart/ Yes, it is a little corny, I know. But I feel that Valentines needs to be a little corny, too.

I really hope that found this list helpful. But remember that Valentine's day just isn't about giving gifts, its about making your girl feel loved so do something special for her. Cook her a meal, give her a massage, do something nice!

Have an amazing Valentine's day!!

Haven't found what you're looking for? Leave a comment below and I'll help you pick something out for your girlfriend!

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