Skin Care Fridge: Your New Beauty Hack!

by - May 10, 2019

Have you ever wondered what happens to the 'store in a dry and cool place' beauty products in this scorching heat?

You entrust your skincare routine to your beauty products, believing they'll enhance your beauty for as long as they last.

But how long will your belief hold true?

It may not be as dramatic as it sounds, but imagine, what if the range of products you've spent a fortune on, aspired to have, and love having on your shelf, lose their magic? Sounds like a total nightmare right?

If you are fond of treating your skin with several products, here's good news for you. You already have a solution to avoid that nightmare.

And, it's trending!

The most 'in' thing in beauty and lifestyle entertainment these days is skin care. Heard of it or not, if you're here, within minutes, you're going to know all about it!

Stay hooked...
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What's All This Buzz About a Skin Care Fridge?

What is a skin care fridge?

Well, this section of the blog post will clear all your confusion about what exactly a skin care fridge is and how it'll be the solution you're looking for!

The name, to be frank, doesn't leave much to your imagination. 

When you have a fridge to keep perishable edibles fresh and sustainable for long, a Skin Care Fridge may be just that. Only, specialized for your beauty products. It's just an adorable addition to organize your beauty products and keep them cold, a mini-fridge that can keep your precious range of masks, serums, and lotions cool and dry.

There are no miraculous benefits that this fridge will bring in your products if you store them in it. However, it sure will make your products' shelf life extend longer while making your storage look fancy! 

What All Can I Store Inside?

The most common question that people ask is, “what to put in skin care fridge?

Once you've started liking the idea of giving your expensive products a bit of TLC, naturally a question will pop up in your mind. What all exactly can you store in the fridge?

Does beauty products mean only those with shorter shelf life or your lipsticks and compact too? This section of the blog will clear that up for you!

Skin Care Fridges are generally great to store products that best feel or work cool. Like, face masks or packs (except clay ones), Vitamin C serums, eye creams, and products with cooling ingredients like mint and aloe. This enhances their function and soothing properties.

Not only that, storing moisturizers and creams to particularly treat inflamed acne, redness and rashes are very common. These work best when cold!

Moreover, nail paints and perfumes also work better when stored in cool conditions. 

So you've got practically all covered!

Skin Care Fridge Purpose: How Can a Skin Care Fridge Make My Life Easier?

Trust me, in several ways!

For starters, you can be assured your product is staying in as good as new for longer. 

Really long. 

Because cooling up will not only slow down the oxidation process so that the product remains active, but also keep bacterial and fungal cells from forming.

Cool products enhance the soothing action several times and if you're one with sensitive skin, your skin is going to love the way cooling will moderate the harshness of your products.

It isIts portable!

That like adds so many points to this product. Carrying all your products in one safe, organized and super cool (literally and metaphorically) system is like a dream come true for someone who needs fashion on wheels.

Luxury Or Necessity?


This is not a product that you can't function without. But it is also a must have for all you beauty connoisseurs out there! It’s all you need to clear those crowded bathroom/ bedroom shelves. Just plug this mini fridge in, and you’re sorted.

Just like your skin care products.

Here's what twitter has to say!

You deserve to be pampered!

In the end, it's all about pampering yourself.

You don't have to be a health or beauty freak to take extra care of yourself. All things important require extra care, then why not the products that you entrust your beauty and skin with?

Take out a little time for yourself and your products, and avail the benefits for much longer. Say cheers to a sorted beauty regime!

Do you go that extra mile to take care of yourself amidst your busy schedules? Share with us how you're doing it right in the comment section!

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