50+ Unique Gifts for Girls in India

by - October 02, 2020

Some are naturally great at the art of gift-giving while others need to Google, "best gifts for girls." 

And that's fine! 

Picking out the gift for a girl isn't as easy as you'd think, especially if you have no idea what women like. It's not uncommon for me to get WhatsApp messages asking me about the best gifts for girls. 

So, in this blog post, I'll go over some gifts that will be a hit with most girls. Now, keep in mind that these gifts won't be thoughtful; they'll just be sweet and cute. This should be enough to bring a smile on your friend's face. 


Without further ado, let's get started. 

Here's a Quick Peek: Best Gifts for Girls 

In this blog post, I'll share products available on Amazon India with you since most of us use the website and deliver it all over India. You can even get one-day delivery on items, so it's the most convenient. 

Now, let's jump right into some awesome gifts for girls. 

3D Moon Lamp


This 3D moon lamp makes one of the best gifts for girls. What I like most about this lamp is that it is rechargeable and comes with a remote control. You can choose the color as it offers sixteen color variations. 

What’s more is that this lamp comes with a stand, is rechargeable, and you just have to slap it on. 

It’s a simple yet brilliant gift for girls. 

Find it on Amazon here

Cute Cat Style Backpack


These cat bags make adorable gifts for girls. These are trendy and cute at the same time, making them an easy choice. But what I like about this cat style backpack is that it is simple yet cute. It does not look tacky, which is amazing.

Find it on Amazon here. 

Heart Shape Box


If you’re on a budget, this is the perfect gift for you. The hearty box comes with flowers, a message bottle and a cute teddy. The price is amazing, and it will definitely put a smile on your friend's face. This is something I would love getting.

What I like about this is gift box is that it is an easy hit. There's no way someone won't like it unless, of course, they aren't a fan of cheesy stuff.

Find it on Amazon here. 

Women's Sling Bag


A girl can’t have enough accessories! This is a win-win. The lovely sling bag it’s cute, trendy, and simply adorable! This makes an excellent gift for girls and is definitely something I would buy for myself.

This is the perfect gift for someone who can't get enough of handbags and other accessories. Of course, you're getting a bang for your buck with this sling bag. It's affordable and an easy hit with the ladies.

Find it on Amazon here. 

Painting by Numbers Kit on Canvas


If you’re looking for creative or artistic gifts, this paint by numbers kit is an awesome choice. It is unique, thoughtful, and 20 right now. After your friend is done painting, she will have a portrait that you’ll be proud of.

I've gifted myself a paint by numbers kit, and it's been awesome. I'm so proud of what I've created--it's on the wall in front of me as I write this. All of my friends ask me about the paining, and I can proudly say that I made it.

Find it on Amazon here. 

Ceramic Unicorn Mug


Unicorns are real. Well, if he is in our imaginations there alive. This Unicorn mug is adorable and one of the best gifts for a coffee lover. The mug is made of ceramic and is adorable to look at. It’s definitely going to be an easy win!

I honestly have a secret crush on this Unicorn mug. It's something I've been eyeing for a while. So, if anyone I know is reading this, PLEASE get me one!

Jokes aside, this is something that girls of all ages would love. If you don't want to think too much about a gift, this mug will be the perfect choice.

Find it on Amazon here. 

Moving on. 

Unicorn Kit


If you’re looking for something unicorn themed, this is a great addition to the previous gift. This can be used as a makeup bag, pencil kit, and much more! So, it has many purposes and is not something that your friend will not need. So, this gift has utility.

I got a Unicorn kit from a friend on my birthday and I can tell you that I loved it.

It's great for younger girls, teenagers, and women under the age of 30--that is, women who would fancy Unicorn and Unicorn-themed gifts.

Find it on Amazon here. 

Soft Toys

If you’re looking for a gift for a girly girl, a stuff toy you definitely cannot go wrong with the stuffed toy! This gigantic teddy bear is not only adorable to look at, but is also quite reasonable in price. A teddy bear is something that one must mention in a gifts for girls countdown!

It's a cliche item, of course.

But, do keep in mind that some girls don't like Teddy Bears--especially when they come from someone who's currently dating them. So, you've got to know your audience with this one.

Find it on Amazon here. 

Unicorn Plush Room Slippers


The unicorn trend is going strong. I don’t think it’s going to end anytime soon. If you’re looking for a gift during the winter time, the slippers can be an awesome one. They are plushy, warm, and cute! They are definitely Instagram worthy so they make a good gift.

I have these plush slippers, and they're my favourite come winter.

One thing that I don't like about them is that they get dirty easily and make noise when I'm walking. But, they're so cute that the pros outweigh the cons for me. But, with this gift, too, you've got to know your audience.

Find it on Amazon here. 

Cat Glass Mug 250ml


If you haven’t heard of miniso, if I will be living under a rock! Many so if one of the best brands out here in the Indian market. I’m pretty sure your friend shops there all the time. This catalogue is awesome for tea lovers well, green tea lovers.

I actually have this cat glass mug since I'm a big tea lover.

You can actually get this mug along with tea--I recommend peppermint tea--for your girl, and she's going to be happy for days.

I love the fish detail on this mug. Of course, for me the mug was an impulse purchase--and, not something I regret. I've been using it for two years now, and I love it.

Find it on Amazon here. 

We Bare Bears Table Organizer


Well, if your friend is an intellectual and loves to write a lot, this pencil organising is a great gift for her. It’s cute, it features one of the best from the cartoon We Bare Bears. It’s a great gift for someone who likes cute things.

Honestly, this table organiser is right up my ally.

This definitely is something I would get for myself but I have a lot of table organisers

already. So, I'm all good in that department. This is a good gift when you're sending someone off to study. 

Find it on Amazon here. 

Sleeping Mask Eye Cover Soft

 Everyone needs a good night sleep and with this mask your friend will cook it just that while looking cute. This unique sleeping mask is great for someone who shares a room with a roommate or someone who's on the go a lot.

Of course, with the pandemic, people haven't been able to travel as much as they'd like. I'm bummed about it, too.

I have a few sleep masks, and they're game changers. I would share a room with my cousin back in college, and we had different exam and sleeping schedules. The mask has always worked!

Find it on Amazon here. 

Unicorn Crossbody Shoulder


For someone who is obsessed with unicorns this cross body sling bag is a great choice. It’s really cute, trendy, and practical. It’s for someone who loves cute and Kawaii stuff.

As you can probably tell by now, I am a huge fan of Kawaii stuff. So, naturally, I'm inclined towards these things.

This plushy bag is great for younger girl, though. That's what I think, at least. It makes a good statement piece for older women, but I wouldn't get this for my friends who are in the mid-20s--that would be a total disaster!

Find it on Amazon here. 

Panda Slippers 


Adorable panda slippers, I like Unicon ones. There are great careful winters and more of a novelty gift than of a practical one. It’s great for the winter time and your friend will definitely love it. You're bound to come across something like this when looking for gifts for girls.

As I mentioned, my friends are in their mid-20s. This is probably something I will get for my girlfriends.


See, you won't go out wearing these cute and cosy slippers! You'll be in the comfort of your own home. And, you can wear whatever you want to in your house. So, this makes sense for girls who like pandas.

If I didn't have my Unicorn slippers, I would definitely get these for myself. 

Find it on Amazon here. 

Camera Lens Coffee Mug


If your friend loves photography, this is off the mark for her. I’m pretty sure you come across this mug on social media, and for a good reason. This mark makes a full proof gift for someone who loves photography.

I actually love photography, as may be evident from my Instagram feed.

I've actually been contemplating getting this mug for a while now--but, I have way too many mugs to begin with. So, getting a new one won't help me. But, if you're getting a gift for someone who enjoys photography, this mug is an awesome idea.

Find it on Amazon here. 

Bone China Milk Mug


This is for someone who loves a warm beverage. I love how cute this mug is. Of course, it makes one of the best gifts for girls for someone who loves cute things. Mugs are usually a safe choice, to be honest.

It's something a girl will use one way or another.

But, do keep in mind that a lot of people like buying their friends mugs. If you're looking for something unique, or something that would stand out, giving your girl a mug isn't probably the best idea.

Find it on Amazon here. 

On to the next one. 

Cute Moon Star and Cloud Cushion


If you were looking for a housewarming gift, you found it! These questions are adorable and a great choice or someone will ask you things. This is awesome for a lady cave or a nursery. Honestly, I would fins a use for these cushion mugs one way or another.

Keep in mind that this is a good gift for someone who likes cute things.

And, not everyone likes cute things. So, you've got to know what your girl likes before you gift her some adorable pillows. They'd look great on the bed, couch, and even a chair.

Find it on Amazon here. 

Natural Live Succulent Arrangement


If your friend has a green thumb, this is the gift that will win her heart! The succulent arrangement is beautiful and these are life supplements succulents! This is definitely going to be a great housewarming gift.

Succulents are in these days.

But, not everyone is well-equipped for taking care of a plant. Some can even kill a cactus--the hardest plant to kill. So, this is going to be a good gift for someone who actually likes and is responsible enough to take care of a plant.

I would love getting a plant--it's always better than getting flowers.

Find it on Amazon here. 

Doodle Cuteness Overload Wiro Hard Bound Notebook


One always needs a notebook. Even if you have not been in school or college for years! People are getting into journalling and taking it up as a hobby or as a way to practise mindfulness. This notebook is amazing for someone who likes to keep in touch with themselves.

You can never go wrong with getting someone a notebook.

But, do keep in mind that this makes a great additional gift. The good thing is that women like getting multiple gifts at once. So, if you're not sure what to get--get her some small gifts instead!

Find it on Amazon here. 

Cute Girls Flowerpot Animal Resin Succulent Flower Planter

The flower pt is extremely beautiful to look at. While the pot in itself is beautiful, it requires a life plant inside it before it can be gifted. You can go to a nursery and grab something that is easy to maintain or maybe a flowering plant!

Now, this is a goof gift for someone who likes plants.

But, not so much for a person who has an opposite of a Green Thumb. It makes a great "combination" gift.

Find it on Amazon here. 

3-PCS Fashion Cute Mini Leather Backpack


Mini backpacks have been in for a while. Mainly because women’s clothing don’t have pockets! I’m not kidding, some jeans have fake pockets in them. So, women tend to need bags. What I like about these bags is that they're of high quality, durable, and affordable.

This is a perfect yet affordable gift.

What I like about it is that it comes with a backpack, wallet, and a sling bag, so you know that it will be used.

Find it on Amazon here. 

Cute Winter Outdoor Ear Muff 


Is it getting chilly outside? In that case, these adorable earmuffs are amazing. This is one of the best gifts for girls for the winter time. Not only are the adorable to look at, they're also available at a reasonable price.

I have something similar to this, and I love it so much!

Of course, like most other gifts on this list, these ear muffs are best gifted with something else--you can pick a gift or two from this list.

Find it on Amazon here. 

Factor Notes Notebook

Journalling is an hour that has been getting more and more attention over the years. It’s great for your mind and it is awesome to practise mindfulness. Give a friend of the gift of peace and mindfulness by presenting them with the journal.

This is for someone who brings the sunshine to your life.

Honestly, you can get really creative with this notebook and even scribble something in it--maybe even use it as a scrapbook with all of your memories in it. It truly does make an awesome gift. 

Find it on Amazon here. 

Cute Dog Decorative Pen Stand 

Did your friend just get a new job? In that case she needs something for her desk! What better than a cute and adorable one when is that? This pen stand is cute, trendy, and unique. You won't find something like this one on the market.

I'm pretty sure you won't.

This is something that'll look amazing on the desk. It's one of the best gifts for someone who's creative and artsy. You can also gift this to inspire someone to restart writing/painting.

Find it on Amazon here. 

Hello Memo Notepad


We all live busy lives and need a notepad to keep track of things. Things like grocery lists, things to do, I am much more! Physical lists are more efficient than less and notes on the phone. Notepads are a great way to stay organised.

I've got many, and I use mine to stay on top of things whenever possible.

Girls love getting gift boxes--but, the problem is that most people don't know what to put in them. With a notepad, you're playing it safe

Find it on Amazon here. 

Cute Kitty LED Silicone Cat Lamp Night Light


Night lights are in right now, and cute night lights never go out of fashion. If you're looking for a gift for someone who enjoys cute and Kawaii things, this cat LED night light is going to be a big hit. Made of Silicone, the night light is adorable, soft, and durable. 

I like how it is eco-friendly and saves electricity at the same time. 

What's more, is that it changes colours! This is something that will make on your friend's Instagram feed for sure. 

Shining Diva Fashion 24 Pairs Combo Set     

If you're looking for a gift for someone who loves accessories and to accessorise, this 24-pair combo set is the perfect choice. The set comes with 24 lovely studs for your friend to choose from. However, I wouldn't recommend this to be a standalone gift. 

You can get a few more accessories with it, and it'll be awesome. 

Let me know in the comments as to how it goes! 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

Let me start this off by saying that I'm a proud owner of a Fujifilm camera. My boyfriend and his mom gave it to me for my birthday a couple of years ago, and I'm just obsessed with it. It's something that I cherish.

This is one of the best gift for girls who love to take pictures and save memories. 

I've put all of my polaroids on display on my bedroom wall using LED lights that I found on Amazon. It simply is amazing. 

Engraveindia Wood Photo Frame 

So, this isn't an original idea. 


Because one of my dearest friends got this for me on my 23rd birthday, and it rocked my world. She got it delivered at my place since we weren't in the same town, and I got emotional. I'm so glad that she gave this to me. 

My boyfriend got one of these, too. One of his friends got it as a return gift for him--he has it on its desk. 

What I like about this photo frame is that it is a unique, out of the box idea. It's personalised and you can give it as a standalone gift. 

Bryan & Candy New York SUPAWOMAN KIT 

You can never go wrong with bath and body products for women. They'll always make one of the best gifts for girls, and for a good reason--women love to pamper themselves! I, too, have gifted myself a few sets and I don't regret the decision one bit. 

Even when I should. 

So, this Byran and Candy gift set is enriched with the goodness of cocoa butter. It contains the following products: 
  • Hand and Body Lotion
  • Body Polish 
  • Sugar Body Scrub
  • Shower Gel
  • Loofah 
What I like about this brand is that the products aren't tested on animals. The hamper comes in a beautiful bathtub that adds to the value 

Oye Happy - You've Got Mail - Tiny Hamper

This hamper comes neatly packed with five postcards, a message in a bottle, and chocolates. The milk chocolates are handmade and are good for a month if refrigerated. I feel that this is one of the best gifts for girls. 

The postcards have loving messages on them, which are adorable. 

I really feel that this is worth the price and contains many things that can bring a smile on your loved one's face. 

20 LED 3 m Length Photo Clip Lights for Decoration

I previously mentioned that I display my Polaroids using LED light on my bedroom wall. And, this is how I do it. These clip lights are a great secondary gift to give along with the Polaroid camera. But, you can give them with some printed photographs as well. 

These are one of the best gifts for sentimental girls. 

With these lights, your oven one can always glance as the happier days and beautiful memories to remember the life is beautiful and filled with moments to cherish. 

You might have come across this necklace on social media--it became really popular near Valentine's Day, and for good reason. The lovely necklace features a sunflower and says "You are my sunshine" which is a precious and beautiful gift in itself. 

The gift is perfect for someone who's adds light to your life, someone who's like the light at the end of the tunnel. 

It's an affordable gift and works well as a standalone gift, too. 

Bryan & Candy New York Strawberry Bath Tub Kit for Complete Home Spa Experience

Who doesn't like strawberries!? 

As I mentioned earlier, bath products are always a hit with women. Girls love pampering themselves and one way they do it is by having a bath ritual---there's a reason why we take a long time in the shower! So, that's why this Strawberry Bath Tub Kit makes an excellent gift. 

Just like the cocoa one, this kit contains the following: 
  • Hand and Body Lotion
  • Body Polish 
  • Sugar Body Scrub
  • Shower Gel
  • Loofah 
All packaged into a cute and adorable bath tub, making it one of the best gifts for girls. 

Kama Ayurveda Rose Essential Box

So, of course, the sentiments remain the same behind this kit, but, as you can see, this one is much more expensive. Kama Ayurveda is a reputable brand that makes high-quality products, so this kit is actually a great bargain (believe it or not). 

The kit contains the following: 
  • Rose Lip Care 
  • Rose, Cinnamon, and Orange Soap 
  • Rose and Jasmine Bath and Body Oil 
  • Rose Jasmine Face Cleanser 
  • Pure Rosewater Face and Body Mist 

All of these products come in the premium category and are tried and tested. 

The Gifting Tree 5 in 1 Combo of Ceramic Mug with Diary

As I mentioned earlier, girls love getting gift boxes. I'm no exception to the rule. This gift box is for someone who like kitties and other cute things. The box contains an assortment of: 
  • Cat Diary 
  • Cat Mug 
  • Love Makeup Pouch 
  • Cute Compact Travel Mirror
  • Cat Paw Pop Socket 
  • Greeting Card 

The box is available at a reasonable price. You get exactly what you pay for. What I like is that it comes in a nice and durable box. 

mCaffeine Be Date Ready Body Polishing Gift Kit 

This mCaffeine Be Date Ready Body Polishing Gift kit is one of the best gifts for girls available to choose from on the market. The gift kit contains the following products: 
  • Coffee Body Scrub 
  • Choco Body Butter 
  • Sadad Wood Brew Scoop 
It's a great pick because not only are all the products vegan, cruelty-free, and approved by the FDA, they're also made with the best possible ingredients. The products contain pure Arabica Coffee, Coconut oil, Cocoa Butter, Argan Oil, Vitamin E, and Caramel. 

This is an awesome gift for someone who likes pampering themselves. 

Aica Gifts White Analogue Round Dial Women's Watch

Since we're down the gift box rabbit hole, I had to include this watch, perfume, and wallet set by Aica. The set is available at a reasonable price and comes packed in a lovely gift box, which is a nice touch. All three items in the box are simple and sophisticated, which is something I really liked about it. 

Now, keep in mind that things can go wrong with the perfume! 

Everyone has different preference, so it can be a hit or a miss--but, that's one risk you need to be willing to take. 

YouBella Jewellery Bracelets for Women Rose Gold

This is one of the best gifts for a girl who likes to accessorise. I feel that it makes an excellent add-on gift for when you're creating a hamper. The Rose Gold bracelet comes embedded with several colourful crystals, which makes it go well with several outfits. 

Of course, this may not be the best gift for someone who's not a big fan for jewellery. 

Do you think this makes a good gift? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. 

Forest Essentials Gift Box

Forest Essentials is Premium skincare brand available in the Indian market. This Forest Essentials gift box is one of the best gifts for someone who loves to take care of their skin and pamper themselves. This brand's Ayurvedic formulations are extremely popular among women. 

Here's what this gift box contains: 
  • Delicate Facial Cleanser 
  • Lip Balm 
  • Revitalizing Gel Scrub 
  • Sunscreen Lotion 
The kit comes packaged well in a beautiful gift box, so you don't even have to worry about getting it wrapped. 

The Body Shop Sweet on You Strawberry Gift Set

I've been loving my Strawberry Set from The Body Shop for years! I keep going back to buy these products because they're high-quality, vegan, and smell heavenly. What I like about this gift box is that it comes in a heart-shaped box 

The gift box contains: 
  • Strawberry Shower Gel 
  • Strawberry Lip Butter 
  • Strawberry Body Butter 

But, do keep in mind that these are travel-sized items! For the price, I think you're getting your money's worth with this. 

Cinematic Lightbox Led Changeable Letter & Symbols Tiles

This is one of the best gifts for someone who loves to have beautiful room decor. I like how it is customisable and how you can have different quotes on it. It's a unique gift that not many people will think of. I like how out-of-the-box the gift actually is. 

The gift works well for home and office use. 

Hexagon 20 Golden Mirror - 3D Acrylic Mirror Wall Stickers for Home & Office

If you're looking for a great housewarming gift--you've found one! These 3D acrylic mirror wall stickers for home and office are awesome for someone who's into modern interior design and home improvement. 

However, they won't work for everyone! 

You should be sure about your friend's taste in interior decor if you're planning on getting them something like this--trust me, you'll thank me later. 

Love Neon LED Light Sign for Room Decoration

Neon signs are in right now, and they make awesome room decor, making them one of the best gifts for girls available! What I like about this light is that it id affordable. Personally, I wouldn't get this light since it isn't my style, but I know that my sister would go gaga over it. 

So, you really need to know who you're getting the gift for. 

The Purple Tree Cute Cat Cushion

String Lights 50 Star LED

PARADOX Women's Clutch

Bryan & Candy New York Shower of Delights Shower Gel Kit 

This is the perfect gift for someone who loves pampering themselves by taking long showers. The gift pack contains four shower gels: 
  • Strawberry 
  • Orange and Mandarin 
  • Green Tea
  • Cocoa and Shea 
These smell heavenly and are available at an unbelievably affordable price, which is amazing! 

Seer Secrets Secret Travellers Rejuvenating Kit

This gift box looks extremely premium, which I love. The Rejuvenating kit is a great choice for people who love to travel and are always on the go. The kit contains the following: 
  • Face Mist 
  • Body Cleanser 
  • Lemongrass Green Tea
  • Lip Scrub 
  • Peppermint Green Tea 
It's extremely affordable, and will definitely bring a smile on your friend's face--trust me on that!

Bodyherbals Rose Soap Spa Set

This will be the final gift for girls on my list for today. 

This Body Herbals Rose Soap Spa Set is one of my favourite things on this list. The set contains the following items: 

  • Rose Shower Gel
  • Rose Geranium Bathing Bar
  • Rose Facial Mist
  • Rose and Geranium Body Massage Oil
  • Bath Puff 
  • Tea Lights 
  • Wooden Massager 
One of the things that I like the most about this set is that it's extremely affordable yet high-quality at the same time. This can be a great standalone or combination gift, which is great. 

Cute Plush Kitten Soft Cat Slippers

These plush slippers are adorable and not available on Amazon right now but on a That Woof Store's website. The slippers are warm, soft and plush--just like the Unicorn slippers that I talked about earlier. These are a great choice for someone who loves cats! 

What do you think about these? Leave comments. 

Summing Up: Unique Gifts for Girls in India 

Did I help you pick out the right gift for your loved one? 

I hope that I was able to give you a fair idea for the gift! Keep in mind that everyone's different, so when if doubt, ask the best friend! Or, leave a comment and I can help you figure the right gift out. 

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